Governing the university to reach the eminence

Members of the University Council

Members of the University Senate

Prof. Nilanthi de Silva
Prof. Nilanthi de SilvaVice Chancellorvc@kln.ac.lk
Dr. P N D Fernando
Dr. P N D FernandoDeandeancm@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies
Mr. Sudath Senarath
Mr. Sudath SenarathDeansudathsen@yahoo.com
Faculty of Humanities
Professor. M. M. Gunathilake
Professor. M. M. GunathilakeDeangunatilake@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Gamini Wijerathne
Dr. Gamini WijerathneDeangamini@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Computing and Technology
Prof. Janaki De S Hewavisenthi
Prof. Janaki De S HewavisenthiDeandeanmed@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Ariyarathne Jayamaha
Prof. Ariyarathne JayamahaDeanjayamaha@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Senior Prof. S.R.D. Kalingamudali
Senior Prof. S.R.D. KalingamudaliDeankalinga@kln.ac.lk
Faculty of Science
Mr. K. K. K. Dharmathilaka
Mr. K. K. K. DharmathilakaRegistrarregistrar@kln.ac.lk
Dr. C C Jayasundara
Dr. C C JayasundaraLibrarianlibrarian@kln.ac.lk
Ms. U T M I D Tennakoon
Ms. U T M I D TennakoonBursarbursar@kln.ac.lk

Organizational Chart

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