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Student Portal for Undergraduate Students

The Student Portal provides easy access to your customisable and personal online services such as email, library services, the web-based learning environment, and support.

The University will communicate with you via:

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Student contacts and enquiries

If you're an udergraduate student, this is how you can get in touch with us.

1. Academic Division

Academic Division takes major part of the student registration. This division carrying out the registration of new students, and student’s Administrative registration of all the faculties.

Contact via +94 11 2908163 +94 11 2903104, 105, 106 or email us

2. Examination Division

All the internal examination affairs of the University are coordinated by the Examination Division. The necessary notifications at the time of each examination and providing rules and instructions on conducting written examinations are carried out by this division. 

**Name to be written in degree certificate**

Contact via +94 112 903112 or email us on

3. Student Welfare Division

Student welfare division providing a widest service for the students including hostel facilities, Bursary, Mahapola Scholarship, University Grant Commission Scholarships,  other scholarships, season tickets for bus and railways

Contact via +94112903125 or email us on

Security and Emergency

University Security Service

The Security Service of the University both personal as well as the security of the property functions throughout the 24 hours.

In case of an emergency, contact the security service through the following numbers.

+94112-917714  +94112-903143  +94112-903144  +94112-903147

Health Centre of the University

All registered students are entitled to free consultations, free basic medicinal drugs, laboratory service and other services. Visit website

+94112903153  +94112903155  +94112917707


The Online Complaints Mechanism, is a new initiative of the University Grants Commission that has been set up as a means for any member of the university community to lodge a complaint regarding incidents of ragging, harassment, intimidation and bullying. All complaints that are lodged will be investigated and victims of such incidents will be offered support and redress.


Kalana Mithuru Sevana

Any student of the university may approach Kalana Mithuru Sevana if they want someone to talk about their problems. Furthermore, if any student is identified as in need of special medical treatment, she/he would referred to a qualified medical doctor.

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Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education provides a wide range of Sports and Recreation programmes for the benefit of internal students of the University.The main objective of the Department is to promote and improve the student-sporting prowess and provide opportunities to develop team and individual sports.

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Centre for Students with Disabilities

The Coordinating Centre for Students with Disabilities (CCSD) of the University of Kelaniya, since its inception in 2015, aims to be a central coordinating body offering support to all students with disabilities to enable equal access to university education. The CCSD is to offer students with disabilities relevant and timely advice, guidance and medical, psychosocial and academic support to promote individual growth and independence.

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Student's Clubs

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