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Logo & Branding
The visual elements of our brand identity
Logo & Colours
The logo system is the common thread throughout our communications. Consistent, thoughtful usage builds our University’s name and reputation. Our logo may not be manipulated in any way.

It must never be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered and must always be reproduced from a digital master reference. The primary logo uses Marron and Yellow. Monochromatic and reverse versions of the logo are available for specific requirements.
When to use
The University logo is the official symbol of University. It should be used on all external communications and any internal communications that need a more formal approach.The correct usage of our logos and logo system is mandatory. The logos should be used exactly as specified on guidlines.
The university logo must be placed appropriately, top left or middle of the post/flyer, and must be in line with guidelines for using the university logo and university name.
University Colors
Our primary colors are Maroon and Yellow. You are not required to use them when designing your communication material. But if you do, please use the color specifications below.
UoK Maroon
HEX : #660000
RGB : 102.0.0
CMYK : 34% 98% 96% 52%
UoK Yellow
HEX : #F6DD26
RGB : 246.221.38
CMYK : 06% 04% 94% 0%
Faculty Colors
HEX : #E81E29
HEX : #F05323
HEX : #3A7643
HEX : #2F97BB
HEX : #2B3A89
HEX : #5A2F83
Minimum Size
University Logo should never be smaller than 20mm (56px). Also Logo width and hieght must be same proportion
Minimum clear space area
Clear space is required around the logo to ensure our logo if differentiated, especially when placed close to text or other logos. Each application of logo use will vary: the rule of thumb must be to always try to provide more than the minimum clear space at all times. Minimum clear space is depending on the logo size and it must be 1/4 of logo size (never be smaller than 5mm (11px))
Use University Logo
If you are a staff or faculty member of university of kelaniya, you can use logo for official university purposes such as flyer/poster/Flex banners in line with other guidelines and policies.

For certificates & printed materials such as T-shirts or if you are a student or third party you must get permission before use logo from the registrar of the university (

Download University Logo
if you have read and accept the guidelines for use, you can download logo (2481 x 2481px) from the below. For special needs, you can request high resolution or Monochromatic version from Webmaster of the university (
University of kelaniya logo

Coat of Arms

පඤඤාය පරිසුජඣති
Self-purification is by insight